As a complete migration service provider IOM can assist and support you on your Australian migration journey. IOM is a not-for-profit organization offering independent and confidential immigration advice, visa application assistance and travel services to individuals, their sponsors & businesses.

Immigration Advice and Visa Application AssistanceIllustration for Immigration Advice and Visa Application Assistance

The visa options for migration to Australia can be confusing and overwhelming for both individuals and businesses.

Complicated visa eligibility requirements or conditions and potential impacts on future visa applications may also make the visa selection and application process daunting.

IOM offers migration advice and visa application assistance to individuals and businesses through our experienced registered migration agents and legal practitioners.

Our experienced team of qualified professionals offer objective and tailored advice considering your intentions and circumstances.

Our team can help to simplify and clarify visa options and allow you to make confident choices.

Our team are bound to comply with their professional association standards and the IOM standards of conduct ensuring you receive service of the highest standard:

To obtain more information about authority governing migration agents, visit the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA).


Travel Services

Migrating to another country often entails detailed planning and coordination.

IOM has extensive experience with migration travel services and our global network of offices ensures you, or the persons you are assisting to migrate, travel with dignity and in comfort.

IOM can arrange airline bookings, including special requirements if required, and offer generous luggage entitlements.

Some of the additional services IOM can offer include guidance and coordination of country specific exit requirements, surface transportation arrangements, transit assistance and ensuring special needs are considered before departure.


Post Arrival Connect

Following arrival in Australia you may like to connect with other migrants, want to assist another to migrate or need a little advice on where to go for help. IOM will contact you approximately six weeks after your arrival to discuss how you are settling into life in Australia and if we may be of any assistance.

In addition, many visa categories have visa conditions or milestones to achieve. IOM can guide you through relevant conditions and will arrange to send reminders to you after arrival for no additional fee.


Migration Pathway Options

Family Migration

Parent • Child • Partner • Prospective Marriage • Family

Family Migration

IOM can assist you to bring your loved ones to Australia. IOM can support you and your family throughout the migration journey from initial advice, through to visa application assistance and travel arrangements.

Our family migration services include migration advice and assistance on a broad range of visa classes including partner-spouse visas, children or dependent visas, parent, eligible relatives, and family reunification under the Special Humanitarian Visa category (visa sub class 202).

Our services are tailored to minimise avoidable delays in the visa application process, ensuring you clearly understand the requirements for application, and working with you to ensure a complete application.

IOM also offers travel services to complete the migration journey to Australia for offshore visa holders.

IOM’s Post Arrival Connect commitment will give you and your loved ones peace of mind knowing that we are there to support you meet your visa conditions once in Australia.


Work and Business Migration

Employment Visas • Skilled Visas • Business Visas

Work and Business Migration

Australia offers a broad range of visas for working in Australia including both temporary and permanent visa options. Understanding the best option and the potential impact of your selection on future migration pathways may be complicated. Our team will help you to select and lodge the most appropriate visa application depending upon your skills and qualifications, experience, and aspirations.

Employment related visas typically fall into two categories: skilled visas and employer sponsored visas.

Skilled visa categories typically involve an extensive process entailing comprehensive eligibility requirements and skills or qualifications assessments. We will guide you through the visa specific process and provide you the advice and assistance to complete the process efficiently, effectively and confidently.

Alternatively, if you are sponsored by a business, IOM can also assist the business in completing the visa process. IOM assists businesses sponsoring prospective employees through subclass 482 and other eligible visa categories. If your business is considering sponsoring employees, IOM can provide your business guidance and reduce the complexity of trying to understand the detailed visa requirements under employer sponsored visas.

IOM also offers travel services to complete the migration journey to Australia for offshore visa holders. Our qualified professionals will guide the visa applicant and the employer (for employer sponsored visa) through the visa conditions and IOM's Post Arrival Connect commitment will support you to meet your visa conditions once in Australia.

Transition from Temporary Visa to Permanent Visa

Temporary Work Visas • Prospective Marriage Visas • Graduates

Education Migration

Many people migrate to Australia on a temporary visa and make connections or discover opportunities and want to make Australia their permanent home.

You may be a subclass 482 visa holder wanting to move towards a permanent visa, a holder of a prospective marriage visa hoping to convert to a partner visa, or a graduate looking to further your career through a skilled visa. Many temporary visa categories provide a pathway to permanent residency. We can assist and guide you in understanding the options and pathways available to you to convert your temporary visa to a permanent visa.

We are happy to meet you and discuss your options in helping your transition to permanent visa status.

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