IOM has had a presence in Australia since 1951. In partnership, hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees have been moved to new beginnings and have been given the tools for a fruitful integration; the capacity of government officials has been built to manage migration; and dialogue and regional cooperation on topical migration issues has been advanced.

IOM and Australia have carried out humanitarian migration and refugee resettlement programmes for 70 years. Today, Australia and IOM’s partnership in humanitarian migration and refugee resettlement is strong and comprehensive, covering a suite of resettlement services that include health assessments, travel loan administration, pre-departure orientation and organized travel.

IOM believes that the most successful resettlement programmes provide not only international protection for those most vulnerable, but also foster their full participation and integration into their new societies. 

Headquartered in Canberra, IOM Australia serves as a country office and provides coordinating functions for the Pacific.


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