In honour of IOM’s 70th Anniversary, IOM in Australia is seeking to collate and publish a book featuring a collection of stories from migrants in Australia. The book aims to recognise and celebrate the achievements and contributions migrants make to the Australian community.

IOM invites you to reflect on your experience as a migrant in Australia, to take a moment to acknowledge the achievements you are most proud of. We welcome your memories, challenges and triumphs which have shaped you and contributed to the fabric of Australian culture.

Through your stories we aim to inspire fellow Australians and develop a meaningful resource to newer arrivals.

IOM in Australia is calling on all migrants in the Australian community to submit their stories of being a migrant in Australia.

We are seeking as much diversity as possible.

We invite stories from individuals from any background and of any age, including children, recent arrivals and those who migrated many years ago and have seen Australia change over time.

All migrants undertake a remarkable journey by settling in a new country including learning new languages, establishing new relationships and communities of support and sharing their traditions and knowledge to enrich society.

Based on your preference, stories may be attributable by name, submitted under a pseudonym or may be completely anonymous.

For further information on contributing a submission, and to access the submission form, please see the document below.

As part of your submission, please also sign and return the below consent form to IOM (available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic).