IOM offers a wide range of travel assistance for Global Special Humanitarian Visa (Subclass 202) holders under the Australia's Special Humanitrian Programme (SHP).  As many SHP entrants are first-time travellers, IOM movement services emphasize “continuity of care” with IOM monitoring each movement from embarkation through transit to arrival, providing assistance as needed at each point, and alerting sponsors/receiving authorities of any changes to itineraries or schedules. 

The proposers of SHP visa holders wil need to pay their own travel costs.  IOM gives them with the followng options for the payment of the travel costs.

No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS)

No-Interest Travel Loan Fund assists proposers to meet the travel costs of SHP visa holders.  The fund provides up to 75% of the travel costs, to be repaid after their arrival in Australia.

Who is eligible?

If you are a proposer of SHP visa holders, then you are eligible to apply for a No-Interest Loan.

How does the process work?

Inquiry (Response in 24 hours)
1. Loan application submission 
2. Loan application assessment (Approx. 2 weeks)
3. Loan approval (Approx. 1-3 weeks)
4. Travel arrangements
5. Loan repayment (maximum 24 month)

See flowchart.

How do I apply?

Fill out the application form attached to this Detail Sheet.
You’ll need to submit the following documents:

A letter from a group willing to support the applicant and be the contact point for IOM throughout the life of the loan. A clear copy of the letter advising that a subclass 202 visa has been granted


Once your application is complete, send it to:
International Organization for Migration (IOM)
By mail: PO Box 1009, Civc Square ACT 2608
By fax: 02 6257 3743
By email:


Who is responsible for repaying the loans?

The proposer or the 202 visa entrant is responsible for repaying the loan in full, in an agreed time frame.  We are a revolving loan scheme, and we rely on people to repay their loan promptly and according to the documents signed in the application process, so that the funds can be reused to assist another family to travel to Australia.  Entrants will be required to sign an acknowledgement that they may be responsible for repayment of the loan if the proposer chooses to do so. 

How do I repay the loan?

Loans are repaid in fortnightly instalments through Centrelink’s Centrepay Deduction system. IOM will suggest a repayment schedule once your travel costs are confirmed.  The repayment schedule can be altered if the proposer or their support group advise IOM of a change in circumstances.  IOM strongly prefers one repayment to be made per travelling group, but if the debt owed is more than $3000.00 you will be given the choice of splitting the repayments. Each member will be required to sign a Promissory Note indicating that they are responsible for repaying their own (and/or their dependant children’s) travel costs.  If a loan repayer is no longer receiving Centrelink benefits, they must contact IOM immediately in order to arrange an alternative method of repayment.

Supporting an application

It is important that a proposer who is applying for an IOM Loan has a supportive and knowledgeable support group. By acting as a support group for a proposer, your organisation will be expected to provide the following services:

assist the proposer to submit a complete loan application to IOM. agree to be the contact point for IOM and take responsibility for explaining all IOM correspondence to the proposer or entrant before witnessing their signature and returning the original document to IOM.


We encourage all organisations to read the above guidelines before offering support to their clients to access the IOM Travel Loan. If you do not feel your organisation can provide this level of service, please consider referring the proposer to another organisation.

agree to liaise with IOM on any matter relating to the loan, throughout the entire life of the loan. agree to follow up with the proposer or entrants to ensure that the loan is paid in full and in a timely manner. agree to advise IOM of any change of address or telephone number of proposer or entrants. agree to inform IOM of any change in circumstance of proposer or entrants, especially if the loan repayer is no longer receiving Centrelink benefits.



Sponsor-prepaid resettlement travel assistance

If you do not wish to appy for a loan or you do not meet the eligibility criteria for NILS, IOM can assist you under our prepaid migration travel programme.

Who is eligible?

IOM can assist the travel of the people coming to Australia and New Zealand under the following purposes:

  • Settlement of humanitarian visa holders
  • Settlement of family visa holders
  • Settlement of skilled migration visa holders

IOM CANNOT assist the people coming to Australia or New Zealand under following purposes:

  • People travelling to Australia or New Zealand as tourist
  • Travel of Working Holiday Visa or Work and Holiday Visa holders
  • Any other short-stay visa holders requiring return tickets to enter to Australia or New Zealand
How does the service works?

Due to the large number of travellers especially in peak season, you are advised to contact IOM as soon as a visa has been granted or at least three months before the visa expires.

Step 1: Quote

Before you consider accessing to IOM services, Please contact IOM Canberra Resettlement ( so that IOM can provide you with a quote.

Step 2: Booking request

If this quote is acceptable, you are required to prepay the deposit to IOM. Please also forward the following items to

Photocopy of the letter of visa approval from the immigration department. Complete Case Details Sheet. Proof of payment of the deposit.

Step 3: Travel Arrangement

Upon the receipt of the above documents, IOM Canberra sends the booking request to our respective missions. They will contact the migrants in the country of the departure to check their identification, visas and travel documents, and discuss the departure date. In some countries, the migrants may be asked to ensure to meet the health requirement. Please note that travel arrangements process can take at least 3-10 weeks depending on the circumstances of the case

Step 4: Payment

Once the travel is booked, IOM will contact you with the travel details and the travel costs. You are required to make the payment within a week after the payment notification. If the departure is within a week, you are required to make the payment immediately.